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Capture Your Special Day


Your wedding day should be cherished and preserved with care.  It can be incredibly stressful planning such an event, and the event itself can be very anxiety inducing for the bride and groom. However, you should be able to look back on this day with happiness and fond nostalgia. Weddings are about bringing people together, and it shouldn't be that hard to do so.

  • What is your dream wedding?

  • Have you been to one before? What did you love most about it?

  • What worries you most about such an event?




Our experience with David was great! My

fiancé and I are not the photogenic type. We have been dating for almost 17 years and we barley have any pictures together because I never like the way they turn out, so much so, that I was even hesitant about taking engagement photos. However, David was very professional and made my fiancé and I feel very comfortable. All I can say is that after working with David for our engagement photos, I can finally say we have some good photos of us!

Erin K.

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