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Born in Northampton, MA, I've always been interested in filmmaking and have done photography for many years, having recently graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Film/Video. 

I discovered a passion for photos in high school. I worked as a photographer on the school's newspaper and did a couple freelance photo jobs on the side. Since then, I've been working my way up through the media landscape. I've done work for L.I.T Boutique and Threads of Hope, as well as worked with Amparo Models. 

I have always tried to photograph the essence of life from a variety of sources and present them all as works of art. Each photo captures a visually dynamic and beautiful element. Whether it's the color, light or the subject itself, there's always something virtually stunning about the smaller things in life. One thing I pay attention to is composition, as it's the most important catalyst in depicting a work of art.  

I've showcased my work in:

  • Student Open Photography Show @ Valley Photo Center, Springfield, MA. January 2016.

  • RAW Artists Savor Show @ Mixx 3660, Malden, MA. October 2017

  • Boston Conception Art Show @ Guilt, Boston, MA. June 2018

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