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Boston; The Cradle of Liberty, The Walking City, The Hub and a staple of American history. The very soul of Massachusetts and New England, this state capital city is rich with culture and landmarks that make it such a unique place for visitors, photographers and filmmakers.  


Boston has always been a second home to me, even before I moved there.  My book explores the old American city from a ground level perspective that creates the feeling of being there and observing every small detail that makes up such a diverse city. It is striking during the day, but really glows at night, evoking the mood of a classic noir.

Inspired by the incredible B&W photographs of Ansel Adams and Serge Ramelli, I aim to create that timeless look of a place that's more than just the people inhabiting it; one that has left a great impact on the world. There's something universal about black-and-white photography that connects all areas of time into a simple, yet versatile space. 

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